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Not bad at all

Wow, a flash with a meaning behind it! That was a long time since last time. I am impressed with the ending, and how you get to it. I am not very fond of the art itself though, but the animation is fluent and that's the most important part to me :) The music could have been tweaked a bit better, because the soundquality wasn't top-notch.

You got great potential, and I hope to see more from you in the future.
Keep up the good work, and keep hanging on to your dream (whatever it might be ^^)

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Calm and soothing, at least until 01:45!

I really enjoyed this piece, it makes me feel very calm. The volumes seem to be a bit uneven at some places but it's barely noticeable.

Love 01:45-> as well.

Keep up the good work :)

Draqo responds:

I wanted to keep my first piece of using the new toys intact since it's been collecting dust. Other V3 pieces will be relatively better than this as well as rendering. Glad you liked it. :p

Thanks for the review. :D


You really need to play around with the EQ more. As you can hear the melody fades a bit when the kick starts around 16, so either the melody is to low in freq, or the kick is to high. Sort that out :)

Sounds like a good demo otherwise, keep it up.

Quite nice!

I like the song, here's some small pointers though:

That highpitch noice at 00:15 killed my ears, you really need to add a filter to that one. The build-up is a bit weak, and I can't get into the mood because of it. The melody itself is fine, but the offbeat part is used way to early in the song.

I like the change it the melody at the end, keeps it fresh.

Play around with the EQ a bit more, I don't know what you use when you produce (monitors/headphones) but the leadsynth have way to high freq.

Keep up the good work :)

ElectroGirl responds:

Yea were still working on it, thanks for your criticism

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